Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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About MIF advisory

managementMIF advisory is an independent corporate finance and business development boutique offering variety of services to a wide range of clients, from early-stage start-ups, through growth companies to established players and financial investors at both national and international level.


Our in-house expertise complemented by our extensive global network, allows us to deliver value enhancing advices and initiatives in the following areas:

We aim at helping our clients to build successful long lasting companies with sustainable growth potentials. We translate visions, missions and aspirations into tangible action plans with a sole objective to accelerate profitable growth and enhance value creation.

Our engagements typically circle around:

  • growth through strategic partnerships (commercial and equity),
  • market consolidation and/or new market entry (M&A),
  • international expansion (organic and M&A),
  • repositioning into profit pools through vertical integration,
  • value protection/maximization through turnaround and/or exit,
  • funding structuring and execution of funding rounds,
  • brokering deals with European institutions.

We tend to establish long term relationship with our clients. This allows us to deliver both short term wins and long term gains. In fact, as a matter of principal, our engagements have to always result in tangible benefits for our clients and their shareholders.